Top 10 Most Popular Gay Magazines

10 Awesome Gay Magazines You Should Read in 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Gay Magazines

There’s a wide choice of gay press around the globe. A number of publications regularly write about the life of the LGBT community. So it might not be easy to choose the magazine that meets your needs and interests. This article is a review of the top 10 most popular gay publications, it will help you choose the mag based on your specific demands.

1. OUT
This is the alpha and omega of the relevant gay publications. It is famous for the most high-profile interviews, from Barack Obama to America’s darling, Ellen DeGeneres. What makes this magazine stand out is its perspective on many important aspects of life in the gay community. So, do not hesitate to dive into the world of style and the latest fashion trends, learn about entertainment and art, politics and culture.

2. The Advocate
Virtually the ancestor of all gay print, The Advocate has been around for a very long time and has introduced every LGBT celebrity and their allies known to society. Here you will find discussions on every topic, from sex life to politics to historical events, and a variety of entertainment options, as well as interesting opinions and ideas.

3. Gay Letter
Having emerged in 2008 as a nightlife guide to the city that never sleeps, over a few years Gay Letter grew into a glossy publication that conquered the hearts of the LGBT readership. Its style, stunning photos, and topics that are more personal than mainstream have made Gay Letter one of the most talked-about magazines in the world.

4. Loverboy Magazine
Loverboy is the youngest on this list, but its unique presentation and “high-end yet edgy” style make this magazine stand out from the competition. Their unconventional approach magically helps them transform the ugly into the beautiful.

5. Hello, Mr.
Hello, Mr. has been recognized as one of the most extraordinary LGBT magazines. It is the most intelligent and thought-provoking magazine on this list. Thanks to the contribution of the brilliant minds of the community, Hello Mr. can be easily called the peak of art, with its witty yet critical way of thinking and approach.

6. Gay Times
Once you get your hands on this magazine, you will find that Gay Times is very reader-friendly and its style is easy to follow and fun. It is a popular publication that has been at the top of the pile for ages. From guy reviews to current news, it will provide you with the true facts about everything you need to know.

7. Rage Magazine
The Rage Monthly is a glossy print magazine focused on the lifestyle and nightlife of the LGBT community. It is easy and fun to read when you need to chill.

8. Winq
Winq is another quite new magazine with a focus on the luxurious way of living. There are far fewer hot guys and less celebrity gossip here, but a deeper focus on culture, politics, art, and travel. Sophisticated gay gentlemen will appreciate it.

9. Passport Magazine
All of us are fond of exploring new places. Here comes the Passport, a travel magazine for the LGBT community. This editorial gives you important information regarding LGBT traveling and gay-friendly destinations.

10. Attitude
Attitude is a famous UK gay magazine that can offer you a diverse selection of entertainment options to satisfy even the most demanding reader. Although based in London, it attracts not just the locals but also a global audience of stylish, devoted, and intelligent gay gents.

Obviously, when choosing something to read, everyone is guided by their own criteria. But in general, if you decide to pick any of the editions above, you don’t have to worry about their content quality, credibility, and how relevant the topics are. Satisfaction is guaranteed. In every sense of the word.

If you are in need of more visceral satisfaction, check out for links to gay resources that will please more than just your brain.